Announcing Pipit Catalog

Pipit Catalog provides an alternative listing page to your Shop Products with product thumbs and easy filtering options.

The default Products listing page Shop currently has limited features. It may be enough for small shops, but if you have many products, it can be a little difficult to manage.


The Catalog app gives you the ability to filter your products by Category, Brand, Status, Sale Status and even by Shipping Requirement. Combined with the display of product thumbs, this allows shop maintainers to quickly and easily find what they are looking for.


The app also highlights products that may need attention such as out-of-stock products, low-stock products, products with no prices and on sale products. This helps maintainers to stay on top of things and make sure everything is going according to plan.


You can customise how things are displayed. For instance, in the settings you can enter what stock level is considered low. So if you set it to 30, any product who has 30 or fewer items left in stock is highlighted (unless the stock count is on individual variants).

There’s a search feature, but at this stage it only works for the title and the search terms have to be correctly spelled. We’ll be looking to improve on this in future updates.

For more information visit the Catalog app page and read the documentation.