Introducing Pipits for Perch

Pipits for Perch aims to help developers who work with Perch build feature-rich websites faster. We provide add-ons for Perch CMS and Perch Runway. For ease of use, we refer to our add-ons as ‘Pipits’ (as opposed to “third-party Perch add-ons by Pipits for Perch”).

What is Perch and Perch Runway?

Perch is a PHP Content Management System. It keeps you in control of your front-end and doesn’t force you to use themes. You can easily integrate it with existing static sites in minutes without having to rebuild the whole site!

While Perch is more suited to smaller or less-complex projects, Perch Runway is a powerful beast. It gives you even greater flexibility and with its Headless CMS mode your Runway site can be a content hub for your website and mobile apps. For example, you can manage both your e-commerce website and app from a single place.

For more information on which to use for your next project check out Should I choose Perch or Perch Runway?


Pipits are not strictly apps. The Perch API allows us to build several types of add-ons and a Pipit could be any of those. A Pipit may be a simple admin app such as Pipit Catalog, and can also be a frontend asset management tool for Perch websites like Pipit Pinion.

We understand the solution is not always the install of yet another add-on. In fact, we don’t like that mentality. That’s why we have a blog to share tips on working with Perch (and our add-ons when appropriate).

One of Perch’s best features is flexibility and giving you, the developer, control on how things are done. We’ll try to stay true to that as much as possbile.

Who are we?

At the time of writing, it’s just me: Hussein Al Hammad. I started using Perch in 2016 and it quickly became my CMS of choice.

I was building a Perch app and just kept building other reusable add-ons to help me improve my workflow to the point where I thought these can be useful to other developers too. And that’s how Pipits for Perch started.

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].

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