Pinion: the flexible asset manager

Pipit Pinion is a Perch Feather that helps you manage front-end assets such as CSS and Javascript through Perch.

What are Perch Feathers?

Perch Feathers is an optional way to manage front-end assets such as CSS, JavaScript and images through Perch. You don’t need to use Feathers when developing sites with Perch.


Managing your assets is an important part of the modern front-end development workflow. Linking assets to your documents by hand is not always ideal. And I don’t find injecting assets with task runners like Gulp and Grunt to be a neat solution. Besides, not every developer uses these tools and not all projects requires using these tools to begin with.

That’s why Pinion was created. It provides a flexible and maintainable way to manage your assets, and can work on any Perch website. You can even use it in conjunction with a task runner like Gulp.

You can serve different files in development and production from a single perch_get_css() or perch_get_js() call as you can define your development assets and your production assets folders in a config file.

You can also control the order of the files. You can exclude certain files. You can include files from a different directory. It is really up to you what, when and where to add your assets. Check the documentation for some examples and for the full options.

It is flexible enough to fit into many different workflows. You can download Pinion today from here.