Pipit: a helper app

Pipit is a Perch CMS app that comes with a collection of helper functions that are reusable for any project. The goal of this app is to make it easier to build Perch sites by using these functions.

This is an early version of the app and the available functions are expected to grow over time. A quick look at some of the available functions:


pipit_get(), which is similar to perch_get() but can handle arrays for URLs like:



pipit_template() renders a template at run time similar to perch_template(), but has support for pagination.

pipit_template('render/list.html', $data, [
    'count' => 6,
    'paginate' => true,


pipit_version() adds the last modified time of a file for easier browser cache busting.


<script src="<?php echo pipit_version('/js/app.js'); ?>"></script>

Outputs the following (the time stamp will probably not match this):

<script src="/js/app.js?v=1511342726"></script>


For more detailed documentation and to see all the available functions visit the app page.