Pipit Members v1.3.0: export member details

Pipit Members v1.3.0 makes it possible to export member details to a CSV file right from the Perch Members control panel pages as the app adds a button to the members list page providing a seamless experience.

Updating/installing the app

After upadting or installing the app for the first time:

The app will add a new user privilege so you can restrict what editor roles can export the members data.


The app uses a Perch template to render the CSV, which you can edit to customise the exported CSV. Copy the file pipit_members/members/admin/csv.html to perch/templates/members/admin/csv.html and customise it to your requirements.

Next: export filtered members

This version of the app exports a list of all members. The Perch Members app has some filtered views. It would make sense for Pipit Members to respect the filtered views when exporting. If this is a feature you want to see implemented, please do let me know by commenting or reacting to this GitHub issue.