Pipit Shortcuts

I have released a new Perch addon: Pipit Shortcuts, a Perch Runway dashboard widget. It allows you to select menu sections managed in Perch Runway’s Menu Manager to be listed in the widget.

This widget is only for Perch Runway

Perch Runway has a Menu Manager that allows you to customise the sidebar menu. One of the customisation features is the ability to add new menu sections. Customising the menu sections allows you to make it easier for editors to navigate the control panel.

I find myself often adding menu sections like “Quick Links” to list the most used Collections and “Shop” to list any Shop-related links.

Recently, however, my needs outgrew the sidebar. I have a multi-lingual site with too many Collections to list in the sidebar. The default Collection listing is just a list. I wanted to categorise the Collections to make it easier for editors to locate the Collection they’re looking for.

My solution for this is a dashboard widget. The menu sections and their links are still managed in the Menu Manager. Then I register the menu sections I want with the Shortcuts app.

Note that even inactive menu sections can be listed in the widget. This means you can add menu sections for the sole purpose of listing them in the widget without them appearing in the sidebar.

You can download the widget from here and find the documentation here.