Catalog App

The Catalog App provides an alternative listing page to your Shop Products with extra features such as the inclusion of product thumbs and easy filtering options. The listing also highlights items that need your attention such as out of stock items, low stock items, unset price and sale items.




Options related to the Catalog app will apear in the Settings Page in Perch.

Product Category Set

Select the primary category Set you are using for organising your Perch Shop store. This is required to enable filtering by Category in the Catalog App.

Highlight low stock

When left empty, the low-stock warning highlight appears when a product’s stock status is set to Low Stock.

Set it to the stock level (integer) at which you want low-stock warning highlight to appear (for all products). For example, set it to 20 and any product who has 20 or fewer items left in stock will be highlighted.

This only works when the stock count is central for the product. This option is ignored if a product’s stock count is on individual variants.

Display sale prices

When an item is on sale, you can choose to display the sale price instead of the regular price. When this option is enabled, sale prices are highlighted.

Other options

You can choose to hide some filters, the search field and the products’ thumbs if they are not useful to you.