Pipit Members

Pipit Members is a Perch app that makes handling logged in and logged out Perch Members easier.



User privileges

As the app does not include any control panel pages, you have to manually install/update it by navigating to the URL /perch/addons/apps/pipit_members/update/. This will add a user privilege so you can restrict which editors can export members data.


File uploads

If you use the app’s collection item form and want it to handle file uploads, you need to specify a temporary directory for the app to use before importing the file to Perch Assets. Ideally this will be outside your site’s public folder:

define('PIPIT_MEMBERS_TMP_PATH', dirname(PERCH_PATH, 2) . '/private_html');

The app moves the uploaded file to this directory temporarily. The file is deleted after it is imported into Perch as a Perch Asset.


The app comes with runtime functions to make it easy to use in your Perch pages. If you are building an app with control panel features, you can use the PipitMembers app directly.