Add a tag to member (even if they are not logged in).

pipit_members_add_tag($tag, $id_or_email=0, $expiry_date=false)

This is useful when you need to programmatically add a tag to a Perch member that is not logged in. Examples:


Type Description
String Tag to add
Int/String Member ID or email. Set to 0 to target the logged in member.
Date Optional expiry date


// by email address
pipit_members_add_tag('subscriber', '[email protected]');

// by ID
pipit_members_add_tag('subscriber', 34);

// with expiry date
pipit_members_add_tag('subscriber', 34, '2030-02-23');

// relative expiry date
pipit_members_add_tag('subscriber', 34, '+3 months');

If you are using Stripe webhooks, you may use something like this:

switch($event->type) {
    case 'invoice.payment_succeeded':
        $customer_email = $event->data->customer_email;
        pipit_members_add_tag('subscriber', $customer_email, '+1 year');

    // other event types