Sharing: Editable options in template

Some sharing links allow you to include other details such as a title and hashtags. The full list you can use with Pipit Sharing is on the Template Reference page.

There are 2 basic ways to use editable content for these options.

Reserved IDs

This is the old method from v1.x. It is still supported.

You can add fields to your template with prefixed IDs. You would prefix your ID with sharing_ then the link type type_ and finally the option _option. So it’s sharing_type_option.

For example, Twitter links has an option called desc. Your prefixed ID for desc would be sharing_twitter_desc.

<perch:blog id="sharing_twitter_via" type="text" label="Tweet via" divider-before="Twitter" suppress="true" />
<perch:blog id="sharing_twitter_tags" type="text" label="Twitter Hashtags" suppress="true" />
<perch:blog id="sharing_twitter_desc" type="textarea" label="Tweet" suppress="true" />

And you can output the link with the following (the app will add the options for you):

<perch:sharing id="twitter" />

With HTML:

<a href="<perch:sharing id="twitter" />" target="_blank">Share on Twitter</a>

Tag attributes

Introduced in v2.0

You can use any field available to you in the template by wrapping its ID with {}. So if you have a field with ID title, you would use {title}:

<perch:sharing id="twitter" desc="{title}">